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Privacy Policy

Integranova wishes to advise users of or visitors to the chg.es website of its policy on the handling and protection of users’ personal details, provided by them when viewing the site or using the services offered therein.

The term “personal details” is understood to include any numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or other kind of data which may be collected, recorded, handled or transmitted about an identified or identifiable individual.

Integranova shall modify this privacy policy whenever necessary to comply with any change in legislation or regulations, or to adapt the policy to instructions given by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. As such, it recommends that users or visitors read these policies at regular intervals to ensure that they are aware of any changes that may be made to them.

The registration of personal details and their handling and later use is subject to the current legislation in Spain for data protection, established by Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13, on the Protection of Personal Details (hereinafter referred to as LOPD) and complementary and development regulations. Integranova is solely responsible for, and guarantees the confidentiality and security of, the personal details it requests from users and visitors via the www.integranova.com website, and is not in any way responsible for any later handling or use of the personal details by third party service providers from the information society outside of the website, including handling or use by third party intermediary service providers.

Collection and purpose of the handling of user details

By filling in the forms contained in the website, the users of the services offered therein and visitors to the website give their consent that both the details given in said forms and all those details generated as a result of the provision of services and contents offered on the site will be handled in a file which is the responsibility of Integranova with address at Calle Emilio Oliver, 9, 2-5, 03700 Denia (Alicante), with the aim of: allowing access to the content offered in the website, providing, managing, administering, extending and improving the services and/or content of the site, including those related to the products or services that users and visitors receive or are interested in receiving from Integranova adapting said services to suit the preferences and tastes of the users, the study of the use of the services by users and visitors, the design of new services related to said services or content, the handling of incidents and maintenance of the website, all those necessary for the development, compliance and control of the contractual relationship between the user of or visitor to the website with Integranova, and for the purposes of advertising and commercial prospecting for the products and services of Integranova.

Integranova informs visitors to its webpage that information of a personal nature requested via popup windows or forms will be indicated by means of an asterisk or other symbol. Refusal to provide the requested personal information or the entry of incorrect or incomplete information may result in inefficient services/contents for users, or no services or contents at all, and for visitors.

Access and cession of users’ personal data

Personal user data may be supplied to third persons or companies different from Integranova if so required to allow correct access by users to webpage contents or for the administration, extension, improvement or provision of services and/or content offered on the webpage.

Apart from the above-mentioned cases, information will not be given to third party service providers (whether present or not in the webpage), unless user agreement is not required by law.

If personal user information is requested by means other than those mentioned above Integranova will inform users in a clear manner of the conditions applicable to personal information and how it may be used, any obligations to supply data, users’ rights and how they can be applied, final recipients of the file, responsibility of the file, or any other additional necessary information, etc.

Users’ rights as holder of his personal data

Likewise, Integranova informs users that they have complete access to the personal information held Integranova and are permitted to modify said information, cancel information or object to its use, as established by law. To exercise these rights the user must write to the following address (including a photocopy of identity card/passport):

Integranova Calle Emilio Oliver, 9, 2-5, 03700 Denia (Alicante). Said letter must contain the following information:

• User name and surname(s).
• Request.
• Contact address, date and the user’s signature
• Any documents required for the request in question.

Integranova informs users that these rights are of a personal, private nature and as such users’ are only permitted to make requests regarding their own information. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases, an authorized representative of the user may exercise these rights on behalf of said user, provided that adequate documentation evidence of said representation is provided.


www.integranova.com uses “cookies” allowing users to be identified as quickly as possible, to improve service responsiveness. Cookies are small files which the server places on the user’s hard drive in order to identify him/her. Cookies are only associated with anonymous users and cannot access personal information or data on the users’ hard drives or read cookies from other service providers.
If users do not wish cookies to be saved on his/her computer the browser configuration settings should be set to cookies “off” (see the users’ help guide of your particular browser for exact details regarding the blocking of cookies).


The user or visitor is aware that the contents and services offered via the page are the intellectual property of Integranova, who is the holder of the corresponding moral and patrimonial rights.

Provision of services and publication of contents via the page shall under no circumstances imply total or partial cession, denial or transmission of the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. Any form of use of all or part of the content of the page is subject to a prior request from the author and the acceptance of the corresponding license, if applicable.
The user or visitor may not, under any circumstances, use any of the services or products and contents distributed via the page, other than those that are strictly personal.

Infringement by the user of the intellectual and industrial property rights is subject to the demands of the corresponding legal and judicial responsibility, for any use other than those permitted that may imply an infringements of the rights, whether or not it is of benefit to the user, and the demands of the corresponding general damage and financial loss resulting from the infringement committed.

Not with standing the above, the user or visitor may view, download and reproduce the content of the page only within the limits established by the law as regards the rights of the author: for his/her personal use, as a quotation or review or for current affairs topics, or for personal use by blind persons, provided that the information is reproduced using Braille or a similar system and is not for profit, and as a consequence of a legal or administrative procedure, in which case it must include the following text: intellectual property of Integranova, who is the holder of the corresponding moral and patrimonial rights.