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The product
Integranova M.E.S.

INTEGRANOVA M.E.S. (Model Execution System) is the first commercially available system that generates complete business applications from Conceptual Models. The most advanced MDA (Model Driven Architecture) solution, capable of programming 100% of the final application’s code, including the more complex business logic, instead of being limited (as other systems) to obtain basic functionality and/or frameworks of programs.

Our aim is to provide a complete model-driven development framework that closes the gap between Business end users and IT by raising the level of abstraction within the software development process because the work focuses on the problem space, using the business specific terms known by the end users. We allow developers to dedicate their valuable time to high value-added activities in defining complete and non-ambiguous conceptual models, including all required business logic, that are converted automatically into reliable, functionally rich, easy to maintain, scalable, and secure customized management applications.

A software development system that cuts down development time and minimizes human error.

  • Time reduction: between 12 and 23 times!
  • Possibility of human error reduction: 15 times